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Using Self Control To Master Your Emotions

Self-control is a trait we use to command and master the emotions. Self-control is a self-disciplinary trait that helps us to grow smoothly along life's path. Self-control helps us to discipline the self while using our willpower to achieve. At times, we restrain our emotions so that we show others we have strength of mind and will. This is a great quality to achieve, since it helps you to master and command the emotions.

Self-indulgence, on the other hand, is a hindrance of development, which only causes emotional stress. Self-indulgence is the process of decadence, or hedonism. It's a self-pitying trait, which restrains the mind from growing. Decadence is a corruption of the mind where debauchery and depravity live. Decadence is a dissolution that leads to excessive weight on the mind, thus the person profligacy destroys self. In other words, the person is wasting the mind while recklessly thinking in a licentiousness, which only causes stress.

Comparing the traits, we can see self-control and how the strength could help one to master and command the emotions. Yet we also need other qualities to achieve the goal of mastering and commanding the emotions. What else do we need?

We also need respect for self and others to achieve commander and mastership of the emotions. Respect is almost outdated, yet it still exists. Respect is self-control in action since it shows value of self and others. This is an esteem trait of reverence. If you cultivate this trait, I promise you will see a big difference in the way you think.

Emotions are feelings we express, such as sadness, hate, anger, and joy. Sadness needs self-control, since if you are sad and have no control it will lead to grief. Once grief creeps in you will feel sorrow, unhappy, miserable, and find self-depressed often. You will feel wretchedness inside that only brings in melancholy feelings of gloom, despondency, and dejection. If you can will self to come out of the sad state, you will see pressure remove self from the mind.

If you are happy, it brings you contentment, pleasure, joy, and delight. Pleasure stems from the hearts inclinations, which rises to the emotions. Pleasure is a stimulation that brings a person satisfaction of self, and contentment within.

Still, we need to consider traits unselfish in nature. If you have a selfish mind it will only bring you distress. Selfishness is a self-centered mind that seeks own gratification, and is often an egocentric, egotistical person. These are bad qualities. It is important to have unselfish nature otherwise the mind is burdened. Thus you need altruistic qualities to achieve mastering and commanding the emotions.

Altruistic minds are unselfish, which means that the person has traits of humane. Humane is caring, kindness, gentle, humanitarian, civil, charitable, and loving. All these traits bring nothing but good rewards. Inhumane people exist around us everyday. These people do not have control of their emotions, since they often treat others cruelly, heartlessly, sadistically, atrocious, callous, appalling, and merciless. If you consider atrocious you will see brutal, evil, wicked, fright and the like in between. This only causes a person to weigh down the heart and mind, which gradually the emotions will be so suppressed that the person will only act out atrociously to others.

We see self-control along with other traits can help us to grow without our emotions controlling our lives. Emotions that act out violently or out of anger are only causing harm to self and others. Evil minds are malicious and wicked and lack immoral. Thus, we need morale, morality, and morals to survive and master our own emotions.